Thursday, 11 February 2010

Cream Tea

Last weekend a couple of my closest friends and I met up and spent a lovely weekend together at my friend's apartment in Earls Court. We woke up on Saturday morning and thought it would be a great idea to walk to the Kensington Palace Gardens. We had a 'hearty' breakfast of cereal and set off for the day.
The weather wasn't great but every now and then we did get a few lovely, golden rays of sun warming our cold skin. The grounds of the palace were amazing, all lush and green. With people out for their morning jog and families walking their dogs and pushing their babies around in their prams.

We had been walking around for a couple of hours when we decided we had had enough of the cold and decided to find somewhere for a drink. One of my friends had mentioned earlier that there was a tea room somewhere on the grounds, so we headed there.

We reached our destination and were guided through the tea room to a table for four. The tea room was amazing. All pristine and white inside. Each table had a little plant pot in the centre which appeared to be a mini orange tree, wisely chosen after the name of the tea room, 'The Orangery'. As the hostess guided us to our table we passed the centre piece of the room. An array of cakes and scones were neatly presented on a large table. There was a carrot cake, coffee and walnut cake, a lemon loaf cake, fruit scones, cheese scones, an Orangery cake, a tart of some sort and a selection of cupcakes. They all looked mouth-wateringly good.

We all decided to treat ourselves and go the whole hog; a scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam, one of my friends was the exception and ordered a piece of carrot cake (but later ate half of my scone as well). The scones were light and fluffy, and tasted absolutely divine with the rich, velvety cream and ruby red jam. Simply amazing!

I would suggest anyone go there if they are out in London and want to treat them selves to a little guilty pleasure.

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